Features & Benefits

The Power of Synchronized Data, Analytics and Deep Domain Expertise

Data Integration Varied data sources are harmonized and ingested to a scalable analytics platform to provide you with a comprehensive library of industry-standard market KPIs configurable to different industries. Our big data analytics powers efficient and accurate data transformation.
Business Benefits
  • Multiple data integration capabilities to include any type of data
  • An integrated view of business performance
Real-time Collaboration Real-time online shared space created for stakeholders enable your business users to instantly share unified information and insights (with annotations) for faster decision-making. You receive versatile report options in the form of PDFs, Excel and image files.
Business Benefits
  • Real-time insights with anytime, anywhere access from any device
Personalized Views With the inbuilt list of more than 150 predefined KPIs (KPI library) across data sources, you have multiple self-generated and customized screen views ready for future reference and consumption.
Business Benefits
  • Single comprehensive view of various brand equity related performance indicators - from global markets to local regions
  • 360 degree competitive view - helps reveal true brand equity through comparative analysis
Interactive User-friendliness Comprehensive tool tips, visual alerts and notifications, selective and specific data views, and accurate benchmarking place easy and efficient decision-making in the hands of your business users.
Business Benefits
  • Faster decision making
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in time from data harnessing to analysis and dash-boarding
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