Our proprietary tools leverage natural language processing and machine learning to predict the propensity of early settlements based on severity and complexity. We have improved the operational efficiency of several large U.S. and U.K. insurance companies by triaging claims using intelligence from our machine learning models. Connect with us for more details
WNS’ comprehensive fraud analytics solution leverages text mining to tap into both structured and unstructured data such as claim and call center notes, medical reports, police reports and e-mails. This increases the detection rate and accuracy of identifying false claims. Our analytics capabilities in this area spread across Claims & Underwriting Fraud, Link & Spatial Analysis, Medical Fraud, Third-party Behavior Analysis and Fraud Rings. Connect with us for more details
Our Marketing Mix Models use advanced statistical techniques and a proprietary analytical work bench tool. This helps businesses identify potential new areas of investment or isolate areas of spending that can be eliminated. Accordingly, businesses can optimize their spend. Connect with us for more details
Our analytical solutions enable wiser marketplace decisions, including pricing, SKU rationalization, trade spend management, cross-sell and upsell. We help businesses generate new revenue streams through Price Elasticity Analysis, Market Basket Analysis, Distribution and Coverage Optimization, and Key Business Drivers Optimization Framework. Connect with us for more details
Our comprehensive research and analytics capabilities help create value differentiators for your business. Our offerings span Advisory Services (such as deal origination research, M&A precedents, trends, regulations & outlook); Equity Research (such as financial models, forecasts & market moves); Fixed Income Research (such as credit assessments, ratings, covenant appraisals & deal underwriting); Market Intelligence (such as industry sizing & estimates, public information books, & dashboards); Data Management (such as survey analytics, & graphics support / documentations); ERP Support (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Concur, Microsoft). Connect with us for more details