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The digital medium has disrupted the way companies function in today’s environment. As a result, Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations are realizing the value of digital marketing and taking definitive steps in this direction. Digital strategies offer a variety of advantages:

  • Growth-oriented digital business strategies can build value, profits and operational efficiencies

  • A mature digital strategy transforms individual technologies into seamless digital connections with customers and internal functions

  • Social CRM, influencer engagement, location-based services, community management, digital demand generation and industrial internet of things  are the must-have digital strategies in B2B marketing

  • B2B companies can reimagine their offerings, redefine their processes and enhance customer experience to accelerate business transformation

The digital re-imagination of any business demands a clear digital strategy and an organizational culture that is adaptable to change, discovery and invention. While digital strategy means different things to different companies, the bottom line is it’s better to have some kind of digital strategy than not have one at all. Companies that plan their digital strategies and implement them accordingly are likely to find more success than those that adopt ad hoc digital strategies.


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