November 13 - 15, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California
Topic: A Strategic Roadmap for Delivering Hyper-Personalized Experiences at Scale
About this Event

Over 2,000 travel industry experts from around the world will attend the Phocuswright Conference 2018. The theme for this year is Power Paradox, that takes an uncompromising look at the tension between size and speed, between power and agility, between domination and innovation – and how, in an era of concentrated might, travel's overlords and upstarts seek to harness them to survive. To know more check here.

Why you should attend

Don’t Miss WNS Session!

Deepak Gupta, Business Head, Travel, Shipping and Logistics, Utilities & Global Customer Interaction Service Leader, WNS will be hosting a workshop on ‘A Strategic Roadmap for Delivering Hyper-Personalized Experiences at Scale’ on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 2:35 PM.

Session brief

For today's traveler, the hyper-personalized service experience is now a standard expectation. For travel organizations, extracting hyper-personalization's full potential calls for aggregating seemingly disparate information and actions. Organizations must gather customer data that is both accurate and actionable. They must reflect on their operational strengths and weaknesses, and their respective maturity curves. They need to be flexible in adapting to the disruptive forces at play. Though they need not invest in every shiny new technology, 'smart' investments in the right enablers are crucial. Analytics-led insights into customers' needs are also a time-bound imperative.

Explore the personalization journey, and how a CoE (Center of Excellence) approach can help organizations create a roadmap to amplify personalized experiences, boost sales metrics, and enable a competitive edge that travelers will truly appreciate.

WNS at the Phocuswright Conference 2018

WNS is a sponsor at the Phocuswright Conference 2018. We are a pioneer and the world’s largest Business Process Management company in the travel and leisure industry. With a team of 8,000 travel domain experts and a service offering spanning over 140 processes, WNS brings a comprehensive solutions suite encompassing strategy, operations, technology, sales and customer service. Our services address the entire breadth of requirements for the travel sector. Our wide array of solutions includes finance & accounting, industry-specific operational services including revenue management, revenue recovery and platform-based services for the airline industry.

We are also IATA’s strategic partner for revenue accounting and Star Alliance’s preferred vendor for sales audit and revenue protection services.

WNS’ suite of next-gen technology solutions – Travel TRAC™ help our clients transform into highly efficient, agile and future-ready enterprises. Leveraging next-generation digital and robotic technologies, we help travel companies minimize risks, improve customer experiences, reduce operating costs and take data-driven business decisions.

To know more about our travel solutions, meet our domain experts at our booth at the Phocuswright Conference 2018.

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