6 May 2020
Location: Webinar
Topic: Manage change and communicate | Words are free – not using them will cost you
About this Event


Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz
Senior Vice President, F&A Transformation
WNS Global Services

Meritxell Macia
Meritxell Macia
Senior Vice President, Business Process Management
WNS Global Services

Rakesh Sangani
Rakesh Sangani
CEO and Founder

Paul Massie
Paul Massie
Director of Change and Communications

About WNS
WNS is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) company delivering an entire spectrum of BPM solutions to 10+ industries. We leverage our expertise in domain, technology and analytics to re-imagine the digital future of our clients globally.

About Proservartner
Proservartner is an international consulting firm. For over a decade we have brought together people, processes and programmes to solve problems and implement change.

Why you should attend

With ongoing uncertainty many projects are currently undergoing a three stage process of pause, hiatus and restart.

In order to facilitate a quick and successful restart, and minimise hidden costs, effective communication is vital throughout each of these stages as this will mitigate the 4 main risks:

Stakeholder support
Loss of appetite, concern benefits are no longer achievable, non-supportive stakeholders seeing this as an opportunity to undermine the project.

Employee engagement
Lack of communication means that the project is no longer seen as a priority. Inertia built up during hiatus makes it difficult to rebuild momentum.

Organisation readiness
Project/corporate memory leaves when contractors/ key personnel leave, decisions are unwound because the reasons for taking them were not properly or clearly and simply documented and signed-off.

Training efficacy
Training plans are unviable due to phased release of lockdown measures. People are unable to travel as countries impose different travel arrangements.


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