June 28, 2019
Location: Chartered Accounts Hall, One Moorgate Place, London
Topic: The Finance OneOffice: How to get there?
About this Event

The function of finance has never been in such a heady mix of pivotal importance and critical vulnerability as it is today.

Digital disruption. Data explosion. Unprecedented customer expectations. Amidst divergent and explosive changes, the Finance function is confronted with boundary-less ownership of strategic and transactional responsibilities – and of top- and bottom-line efficiencies. They must don the hat of a trusted business partner to holistically drive business vision and outcomes of profitable growth.

Here are the big questions. How can Finance leverage data-driven insights, emerging technologies and digital transformation? Why is it vital for them to design intelligent, resilient, responsive, and predictive business models for generating greater value? What can they do to balance investment and cost-optimization? How will they soar beyond efficiency to navigate blue oceans for business?

These are the answers we seek in our exclusive FORA (the Future of Operations in the Robotic Age) Leadership roundtable on ‘The Finance OneOffice: How to get there?’

WNS has partnered with HFS to co-host this exclusive event. The roundtable will be chaired by Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS Research, and co-hosted by Krishnan Raghunathan, Head, Finance and Accounting Services, WNS along with Guest Analyst, Saurabh Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer, HFS Research.

The roundtable will focus on the following key points:

  • Attributes of a Finance OneOffice - what does success look like?

  • Importance and challenges of emerging technologies and next-gen operating models to drive agility – this will be detailed with use cases

  • Critical success factors to measure - talent, organizational structure, change management, and ecosystems

Why you should attend

The session will be an intimate gathering of experts and thought leaders across industries. The attendees will share the latest insights and perspectives on how the right elements can be applied and integrated at scale for an ideal balance of people, process and technology.


About Us

WNS is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) company that provides an end-to-end suite of technology, analytics and process solutions to global clients across key industry verticals. We work with CFOs to co-create an insights-led digital finance operations, led by innovation and is agile to transform with the changing business landscape. More than two decades of experience working with CFOs globally across multiple industries gives us the scale and pedigree to provide a cutting-edge suite of Finance & Accounting solutions.

WNS’ Outperforming CFO Framework drives differentiation and is ably augmented by an ecosystem of tools, platforms and robotics that drive automation; and embedded analytics that drive precision in decision-making.

Our 10,000+ finance professionals deliver end-to-end solutions to CFO offices for 95+ global clients. The WNS suite of F&A services covers the entire financial value chain, including Source-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, corporate functions and risk management. You may read more about our solutions here.

WNS’ CFO TRACTM is a unified and comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to address the emerging imperatives of the CFO. Co-created with leading global CFOs, it is underpinned by emerging technologies, advanced analytics and process innovation frameworks to transform the finance function, and is available in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. To know more about the CFO TRACTM suite, check here.

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