Transform Procurement from a Business Function to a Performance Driver

In an increasingly digital world, procurement is rapidly morphing from a back-room function to a strategic business enabler for driving greater value and sustainability. Today, Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) are seeking new ways to leverage digital strategies such as cloud, mobile, social and the Internet of Things (IoT) to align procurement with their organization’s business objectives. Embedding business intelligence and analytics into routine procurement processes is enabling them to drive actionable real-time insights, eliminate bottlenecks, track KPIs, and make nimble business decisions aimed at increasing profitability.

WNS’ CPO TRAC is a comprehensive procurement management solution that leverages digital advancements coupled with predictive and functional analytics to transform procurement functions. Our solutions simplify vendor onboarding, thereby providing clients greater control on spend and negotiations, improved visibility and compliance, and reduced payment cycles and procurement costs. Equipped with embedded business intelligence capabilities, WNS’ futuristic technologies are key drivers of growth and innovation for clients.




WNS’ procure-to-pay solution is an end-to-end integrated accounts payable offering that facilitates multi-channel introduction of Purchase Orders (PO) and non-PO invoices, extraction of data from documents, and seamless transfer of validated data to client’s ERP systems for further processing.


Supplier Portal

WNS’ Standard Supplier Portal is a supplier self-service portal that enables efficient online exchange and flow of supplier communications. This supplier management portal integrates with client’s native ERP, and automates their entire purchase-to-pay process, including communications with both large and small suppliers.

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P-Card Solution

WNS’ P-card is a fully integrated, highly compliant and automated solution for managing the reconciliation and settlement process in the client’s existing ERP. This user-friendly solution integrates directly with multiple banks and card providers to automate the receipt of statements and drive improved transparency and visibility into their processes.


Spend Analytics Solution

WNS’ Spend Analytics solution, built on the foundation of Rosslyn Analytics platform (RAPiD), enables decision-makers to harness the power of analytics to achieve true spend visibility. The solution helps centralize, classify, search and improve data quality to derive meaningful and actionable business insights in real-time. It enables businesses to identify roadblocks and unlock the value in the growing spend data, thereby improving sourcing success and enhancing competitiveness.


WNS Advantage

  • Trusted advisors to the C-suite: The combined advantage of our deep domain knowledge and process excellence helps us deliver comprehensive services that leverage emerging trends in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) to drive value optimization. Our customer-centric approach, underpinned by category-specific procurement expertise, helps us design comprehensive solutions rather than provide simple transactional support.

  • Sustainable high-impact solutions: Integrated solutions judiciously combine in-house proprietary tools, bolt-ons and partner platforms to cater to the client’s evolving requirements. The solutions are flexible enough to enable seamless integration with the client’s native systems.

  • Embedded intelligence: Built on our proprietary framework WADESM, WNS’ procurement solutions are embedded with descriptive and predictive analytics capabilities to deliver valuable business intelligence and outcomes that go beyond insights. We also deliver industry and business-specific analytics solutions by leveraging our extensive global partner ecosystem.