Technology is such a critical part of business be it strategy, processes, or corporate functions, that technology purchase decisions can be considered to have a significant impact on market differentiation. Efficient processes, for example, are often the result of the use of automation solutions, which in turn, directly influence business outcomes and end-customer experiences. Therefore, technology purchase decisions can no longer be made within the confines of the IT department. These decisions are increasingly taken by people who actually need the technology for specific business purposes.

WNS’ technology services enable clients to outperform with technology-enabled Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, tailored to meet specific business needs. We draw on our deep BPM experience across industries and functions, and the IT and consulting skills of our talent pool to offer technology services that enhance the outcomes of client processes.

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The WNS Advantage

Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE)

Our CoEs work continuously toward making our team ready for all new technology trends that will optimize business in future.

Zero worries managed services

This is a comprehensive support service to build and manage complete IT environment, including infrastructure, applications and tools, which can be on a cloud or hosted in certified WNS Data Center. Our comprehensive methodology, executive sponsorship, flexible governance model, service level agreement compliance provides a steady environment with peace of mind.

Right mix of skill and experience

We have a rich pool of skilled resources ranging from technical / functional consultants and business analysts to solution architects and SMEs, who have proven expertise and breadth of experience to provide the right fit solution to the key processes across industry verticals.

Business-aligned IT strategy

We leverage extensive business process expertise from the BPM team and thought leadership to provide suitable automation strategies aligned to client’s business needs. We enable business platforms with requisite tools and scale them to continuous improvement models of business transformation.

Enriched service offerings

Our focused offerings are bundled with tools, processes and frameworks for precise solution with assured quality of deliverables. Our Biz Apps Xpo suite, consisting of tools, workflows and portals tailored to enable and optimize business processes across industry verticals, provides a turnkey solution and seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications and tools.

" WNS chosen for proven Audit expertise & best-in-class technology. "
Christopher Korenke

VP-Commercial, Star Alliance

Gold for Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software (Other) at the 2015 International Business AwardsSM (Stevie Awards) - Verifare PlusSM
Travel and Leisure

WNS has been providing revenue accounting services for over a decade-and- a-half, with highly qualified professionals servicing over 20 major airlines across the globe. We have the expertise and distinction of delivering services using eight different platforms, either proprietary platforms or those provided by airlines or third-party vendors, namely, SIRAX, JADE, AirVision, RAPID, Impala, RPA, OPAL and PRAS.

Our passenger revenue accounting services and revenue audit services extend beyond transaction processing and allow customers to leverage WNS' experience in providing extended revenue accounting and financial accounting services.

JADE– Sales-based Passenger Revenue Accounting System

JADE is a sales-based accounting system, which gives users comprehensive control over revenue recovery. The domain knowledge of WNS’s teams, along with the best practices built into this platform, can be leveraged by companies to optimize gains by allowing revenue accounting to be managed by WNS experts using state-of-the-art technology.

VERIFARE PlusSM– Automated Web-based Fare Audit Solution

WNS’ new and improved automated and web-based fare audit solution, which identifies and offers visibility into revenue leakage and supports airlines in monitoring compliance and identifying process weaknesses

IVRS – Call Routing and Reporting

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is an intelligent solution, which enables routing of calls providing enhanced productivity and equitable call distribution. Call categorization is done by DNIS or routing menu. The solution involves skill-based routing with MIA algorithms employed for routing.

The IVRS provides detailed analysis and reporting on:

  • Total calls received for a particular process
  • Calls handled by agents
  • Calls abandoned
  • Average time to abandon
  • Average handle handling time
  • Average speed of answering
RePAX – Automated Flight Disruption Management Solution RePAX is a first-of-its kind re-booking solution that helps airlines minimize losses and improve passenger experience during flight disruptions. RePAX is 25 times faster and completes the process in 10-15 seconds. The solution significantly improves re-booking time (from 4-5 hours per flight to 45 minutes), cuts operating costs and minimizes passenger dissatisfaction.
Banking and Finance

WNS has multiple platforms in the banking, financial and insurance services industry that manages account origination and loan processing.

Digital Loan Management

WNS’ Digital Loan Management solution draws on a unique combination of skilled people, efficient processes and innovative technology to create a platform to process loan document indexing, data extraction, loan delivery and quality assurance.

Easy Accounts

The WNS Easy Accounts platform digitizes, categorizes and retrieves packages and documents required to process new account applications. It includes the following modular components:

  • An indexing platform to enter the data from scanned documents
  • An OCR engine that increases indexing efficiency
  • Workflow platform to manage document processing and approval

This platform reduces processing time for new account applications by 50 percent and eliminates physical storage costs.



ProClaimTM is the end-to-end auto claims management solution for the insurance industry, which segregates simple and complex transactions. The solution enables automatic distribution of work based on skill levels while providing web-based claim status. It decreases the vehicle downtime by 15-20, percent, improves recovery by 20 percent and leads to a 15-20 percent reduction in administrative expenses.


Healthcare Process and Agent Monitoring System (HCPAMS)

WNS’ Healthcare Process and Agent Monitoring System (HCPAMS) is an end-to-end platform that allows processing of healthcare forms. It is primarily designed for high-volume data entry environments. The salient features and benefits of this platform are as follows:

  • Key-in from paper or image: Using the flexibility of the modular system, data can be keyed in from paper or image, using the same job structure.
  • Import: The system allows import of images through a user-defined directory. It also allows associated control data to be brought in or created, providing a reliable base for operational statistics.
  • Control: In a high-volume data entry environment, it is essential that the operation administrators have the right tools to monitor and control their environment. A full set of administrative facilities allows real-time tracking of individual units of work, and provides real-time production and productivity statistics.
  • User-defined enhancements: The system is specifically designed to provide a user the flexibility to quickly set up and process information from the image or paper without major programming.
  • System generated data and validation: Designed for heavy volume data entry, it has features that allow the system to generate and check data. There is no limit to the number or size of look-up tables and validation routines that can be incorporated.
  • Verification: All the standard manual verification and validation facilities that are typically required are in-built, with an option for the user to activate and adjust to specific situations. This includes reconciliation processes at the document or batch level.
  • OCR recognition: Character and mark recognition engines can be activated to expedite the data capture / entry process.

The HCPAMS platform has the following benefits:

  • Supports Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance
  • 30–50 percent decrease in error rate
  • 50–70 percent improved processing time
  • Dramatic increase in follow-up activities at the same cost

WNS HealthClaimPro

WNS HealthClaimPro solution is used for processing and adjudication in the healthcare industry. The key features of the solution include quick distribution of work, tracking programs, online performance and quality monitoring, and customized reporting. The solution supports HIPPA compliance, while reducing error rate by 30-50 percent and improving processing time is improved by 50-70 percent.


Interactive Transaction Entry System (ITeS) is a scriptable data capture workflow application platform for high-speed, high-quality Keying From Image (KFI) / Keying From Paper (KFP) with efficient process set-up and business rule implementation, quality control and productivity monitoring tools and automated pre / post production.

Shipping and Logistics

WNS’ technology services span the entire spectrum of the shipping and logistics industry – freight carriers, logistics service providers and supply chain enablers. We combine domain experience and technology capabilities to manage, enhance and transform the processes of our clients.

Our technology solutions for the shipping and logistics industries include:

WNS BlackBoxSM

WNS BlackBoxSM helps global ocean forwarding companies digitize their manual shipping instructions into an electronic format, with little or no manual intervention, thus reducing the effort required for data entry and reducing costs. This solution improves the overall accuracy and turnaround time of completing house bills of lading for customers. WNS BlackBoxSM uses the latest Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to convert PDF documents or image files into an electronic format, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the manifestation process. The WNS BlackBoxSM is an instant, accurate and cost-effective solution.

  • 40-60 percent reduction in costs incurred for the production of house bills of lading
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in cycle time for processing the bills of lading with cutting-edge tools like optical and intelligent character recognition and workflow solutions
  • No change management required — internal or external
  • Error-free documentation and near-immediate activation
  • Pay per transaction to variabilize service delivery cost
  • No volume commitment
  • Onboarding / off-boarding flexibility for clients

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