Advisory Services
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Advisory Services

Utilities and energy companies are constantly trying to thrive in a complex environment where they have to provide more energy to cater to global growth from fast dwindling resources. At the same time, governments are imposing tighter regulatory norms in a bid to control climate change and create better energy security. Faced with these multiple challenges, utilities and energy companies are partnering with outsourcing firms to remain competitive.

These companies are operating in a difficult environment with increased competition and regulation. WNS works with companies in this sector to increase operational efficiency, improve performance, manage financial risk and comply with regulatory requirements. The WNS advisory services outsourcing solution helps companies improve processes across the value chain – strategy, operations and transactions.

WNS’s Advisory services draw on its deep understanding of the utilities and energy industry and provide companies the tools required to optimize and transform processes. These services help utilities address pain points across the value chain. Some of these services are given below:

  • Analyze and optimize customer journeys to improve operational efficiencies
  • Design and implement CIS system to address the requirements of utility companies
  • Manage and optimize energy and efficiency portfolio
  • Deliver services through new operating models – Hosted, BPaaS
  • Design processes to support new business models like Pay-As-You-Go
  • Re-engineer processes to reduce cycle time, increase cash flow and improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve business outcomes through benchmarking processes with industry best practices