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WNS Solutions for the Utilities Industry

Globalization has brought new opportunities and challenges to the utilities and energy industry. Growing global energy demands and supply constraints are making it increasingly difficult to manage revenue cycles and cost structures. Companies are now looking towards outsourcing solutions to improve efficiencies to remain competitive. Consumers expect better and expanded services at the same cost, leading the industry to partner with experienced players in customer service delivery to re-design strategies and delivery models to meet market expectations.

An outsourcing partner can also help the utilities and energy industry mitigate internal challenges arising out of a redundant IT portfolio across its disparate organizations, high operational costs, lack of business resilience and end-of-life platforms.

WNS delivers a range of business processes outsourcing services to the utility and energy industry that enables clients to focus on their core competencies and, thereby, gain a competitive edge in the market.

A snapshot of WNS’s experience and expertise in the utilities and energy industry :

  • Engages more than 1,500 resources on utilities-related processes
  • Transitioned more than 400 work threads within a year across simple and complex processes within utilities
  • Processed over GBP 10 Million billing exceptions till date
  • Improved Net Promoter Scores (NPS – An indicator of customer satisfaction) significantly
  • Processes more than 400,000 e-mails and 500,000 letters annually
  • Made significant investment in learning infrastructure and processes by establishing a domain university to train resources on the utilities industry
  • Recovered more than GBP15 Million in debt and supplier interest

WNS’s Differentiators in Utilities BPO
  • A global BPO leader with a reputation for complex multi-process delivery
    • Managing over 600 processes across 160 countries, including managing customers for leading Utilities, delivering complex processes like treasury and IFRS compliance
    • End-to-end process, technology and analytics capabilities, and proven expertise across the energy and utilities value chain
  • Investing in areas critical to the success of utility companies in the future
    • Cost-effective, flexible and comprehensive CIS platform
    • Delivery models with more options for utilities like hosted and BPaaS
    • Business Intelligence (BI) and analytical platforms that optimize operating performance
    • Global delivery locations for onshore, nearshore and offshore operations
  • Repository of frameworks, best practices and tools to improve profitability and customer satisfaction levels in energy and utility companies
    • Enterprise value approach to improve working capital
    • Diagnostics, Consulting, Transition and Transformation framework and methodologies
    • Bolt-on tools to improve financial performance
  • Ability to deliver superior business value by combining analytics, technology optimization, domain and process expertise
    • Leveraging a team of 1,500 Utilities, 1,500 analytics, 1,100 technology, and 600 quality process professionals
    • Analytical capabilities span business research, financial and investment research, market research and domain-based analytics, and data services
As a leader in managing business processes, WNS helps clients outperform across the entire energy and utilities value chain. WNS delivers business value to its clients through a combination of highly efficient back-office processes, leading-edge technology platforms and sophisticated analytical tools. WNS offers end-to-end solutions that allow energy and utility companies to transform their operations:


Customer Management Services
  • Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Cross Sell/Up Sell, Cost-to-Serve
  • Customer Analytics – Segmentation, Lifetime Value analysis, NPS analysis
  • Customer Care – Queries, Exception Handling, Correspondence (for example, IVR, chat, mail, social media)


  • CIS Platform (with varying delivery models - Hosted, BPaaS)
  • Account Management, Billing, Collections, Exception Management


Operational Business Intelligence
  • Gather, integrate and analyze operational data / metrics
  • Build dashboards, reports and online portals for better transparency and monitoring
  • Pilferage mgmt, Work & Asset mgmt., Outage mgmt., Meter Data mgmt


Advisory Services
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Design programs to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost-to-serve
  • Design operating model for new business models like pay-as-you-go


Shared Services
  • Finance & Accounting, Collections, Procurement
  • HR Administration, Legal Services
  • Research & Analytics


Utilities and Energy Case Studies

Utilities and Energy
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Utilities and Energy
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