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WNS Solutions for Telecommunications Industry

In today’s turbulent environment, the telecommunications industry has been considering out-of-the-box strategies to help weather economic uncertainty. Industry leaders are adopting telecommunications outsourcing or leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO) as a winning strategy against these market odds. Telecom companies outsource various functions of the business from call center outsourcing to maintaining and supporting mature product lines to more recently co-developing sophisticated 3G node elements.

Outsourcing solutions help telecom companies manage cost pressures, gain access to specialized resources, optimize existing investments and establish a flexible strategy to retain and acquire more customers.

Traditional operating models have had to undergo a re-think as managing growth, human performance challenges, technology imperatives and the need to achieve superior operational performance are taking center-stage.

WNS works as an extension of the client's enterprise and helps telecommunications companies unlock the potential of their value chain. The WNS telecommunications outsourcing solutions comprise a range of BPO services such as call center outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing, billing operations outsourcing and other core / non-core processes. By adopting the WNS telecommunication outsourcing solution, companies in this sector drive growth, achieve cost efficiencies, improve customer retention and improve new service innovation.

WNS's outsourcing solutions for the telecommunications industry include:

Customer Acquisition

 ■  Order Entry
 ■  Order Fulfillment
 ■  Contract Management
 ■  Lead Generation
 ■  Outbound Sales
 ■  Sales Analytics
 ■  Cross-selling and Up-selling Analytics

Operations and CRM

 ■  Inbound Contact Centre
 ■  Logging and Monitoring Service Requests
 ■  Churn Analysis and Support
 ■  Usage Analytics
 ■  CRM Analytics
 ■  Collection Analytics
 ■  Traffic Routing Planning
 ■  Web Correspondence
 ■  Network Utilization Reporting and Analytics

Sales and Contracts Administration

 ■  Inside Sales
 ■  Pricing and Contract Preparation
 ■  Sales Order Taking
 ■  Ordering Support
 ■  Inbound Contact Center

Order Provisioning and Order Management

 ■  New product and services, service delivery process creation
 ■  Order Provisioning
 ■  Technical Validation and Support
 ■  Rejected Order Tracking
 ■  Multi Vendor Tracking
 ■  Order Tracking
 ■  Proactive Order Management
 ■  Test Delivery Conformance
 ■  Billing
 ■  Data Management (Forms, Administrations)

Telecommunications Case Studies

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