Manpower Provider
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Logistics Services Outsourcing – Manpower Provider

Crew Operations FnA
The economic downturn has made shipping and logistics companies more aware of the need to make the right recruitment decisions. The luxury of having too many resources does not exist; now it is about making the most of the people they hire. Companies are turning to outsourcing specialists to help with manpower selections for their vessels.

A ship can be run efficiently only if its crew is well aware of the requirements and working of the vessel. The ship owner and ship manager always place a great deal of importance on crew manning for the safety and smooth sailing of a shipping operation. A successful selection process calls for HR best practices and experience in recruitment processes. Shipping and logistics companies are taking the help of outsourcing providers rather than building that expertise in-house, which would mean new investments that are not part of their core business.

Crew Manning (Shipping) / Ground Handling / Warehouse Operators

Crew Management

  • Employee Master Database Support
  • Pre-Hire Support
  • Backfill / Reliever Support


  • Vessel Joining Support (Travel Desk)
  • Crew Training Intimation
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Port Paper Readiness Support

F & A

  • Crew Accounting Support
  • Crew Allotment Support