Equipment Lessor
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Inventory Operations FnA
Companies that lease out equipment to operators are vital enablers for intermodal transportation. The global trade rebound is pushing shipping lines to rely more on leasing companies. Shipping lines that competed for containers a couple of years ago are facing an even bigger shortage now. The demand for steel cargo boxes saw an increase as manufacturers began limiting production after the financial crisis. In addition, sea carriers began sailing at slower speeds to save on fuel costs and are directing more capital to new vessels. The shortfall of containers has pushed new container prices to a record high, which, in turn, has caused lessor rates to go up.

Bogged down by a tough economic climate, shipping and logistics companies are not looking at making huge investments. They are instead exploring the more economic option of leasing containers for a period of five to six years, which will be managed by outsourcing providers.

The WNS shipping and logistics outsourcing solution focuses on effective planning for maximizing returns, ensuring on-time order entry for timely and accurate revenue recognition, minimizing revenue leakages due to late renewals and timely planning for repositioning through the following processes:

Container / Pallets / Material Handling Equipment / Chassis

Inventory Management

  • Pre-Hire support
  • Vendor Contact Administration
  • Renewal / Disposal Support


  • Asset Tracking and Repositioning Support
  • Maintenance and Repairs Support

F & A

  • Vendor Management Support
  • Vendor Helpdesk
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit and Collections
  • Maintenance and Repair Invoicing Support