Supply Chain Enablers
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WNS Solutions for Supply Chain Enablers

Supply chain enablers are the backbone of the shipping and logistics industry. These players like cargo handlers, equipment lessors and manpower providers need to improve their efficiency and productivity by optimizing the available resources, be it equipment or manpower, and the answer to higher efficiency lies in outsourcing solutions.

WNS's service offerings are customized for companies in the following sectors:

Cargo Handlers
WNS assists clients with effective resource planning for optimal staffing, timely exchange of data between stakeholders, data analytics to support decision making and safety compliance of all the operational Material Handling Equipment (MHEs):

Equipment Lessor
WNS's shipping and logistics vertical focuses on effective planning for maximizing returns, ensuring on-time order entry for timely and accurate revenue recognition, minimizing revenue leakages due to late renewals and timely planning for repositioning through a series of business processes.

Manpower Provider
WNS's service offerings encompass database maintenance for higher productivity, activity audits, information processing and allied activities, aiming at process efficiency, value creation and cost arbitrage.