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Logistics Services Outsourcing - Rail Industry

The freight railroad sector, which was till recently enjoying the benefits of consolidation and significant pricing power in the US, is now feeling the pressures of the economic slowdown. This sector owes its growth mainly due to the famous deregulation in 1980 when railroads were hemorrhaging market share to the trucking industry. Now the rail industry is relying on outsourcing as the slowdown starts to affect volumes, pushing companies to cut operating costs to maintain and improve margins across industry cycles. Outsourcing also helps rail companies in the US to manage renewed regulatory challenges that have further impacted their pricing power. Freight railroad companies need to be nimble and competitive and to achieve that, they are engaging the services of outsourcing companies.

Companies in the freight railroad sector enjoy competitive advantage for being cheaper and more fuel-efficient than truck and ship transport. However, there exists scope for freight rail operators to further improve their operating margins. Freight railroad companies also need to recoup the significant capital investments they have made over the years to improve service reliability and generate an effective return on investment.

WNS offers a range of customized business process outsourcing services for the freight rail sector to help them meet their strategic objectives of improved service delivery and enhanced operating margins. These offerings include:

Sales Customer Document Operations Finance Other

Sales / Marketing

  • Rate Quotes
  • Service Contract / Rate Agreement Creation and Maintenance
  • Transportation Tender Management Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Tariff and Contract Filings
  • Freight Bookings
  • Marketing Collateral Design Support
  • SEO Campaign Management Support
Customer Service

  • Passenger Reservation Booking / Ticketing
  • Rail Car Booking Management
  • Account Management Support
  • Vendor Portal Administration
  • New Customer Equipment Planning
  • Car Order Assistance Scheduling
  • Private Equipment Registration Management
  • Active Shipment Inquiry Service Desk
  • Shipment and Event Tracking, Tracing and Load Management
  • Equipment Reject Management
Document Processing

  • Document Management (Imaging and Indexing)
  • Electronic Connectivity and Reporting
  • Record Retention Management
  • Transloading Manifestation
  • Customer Portal Freight Document Services
  • Intermodal Port Document Manifesting

  • Rail Dispatching Center
  • Rail Traffic Control Monitoring
  • Weather Condition Monitoring and Alert Management
  • Grade Crossing Signal System Failure Monitoring
  • Daily Operational Reporting (Arrival / Departure, Car Counts, Tonnage, etc.)
  • Intermodal Equipment Pool Yard Management
  • Rail Car Load and Asset Utilization Reporting
  • Rail Car Maintenance Management and  Bulletin Reporting
  • Haz Cargo Approvals
Finance and HR

  • Dispatcher Certification Management (GCOR, Hazmat, Air and Train Break Handling, etc.)
  • Labor Pre-qualification and Processing Services
  • Work Crew Calling and Shift Schedule Management
  • Pricing, Rating, Tariff and Contract Management
  • Shipment Costing and Invoicing
  • Rail Car Detention Management (Notification and Billing)
  • Accessorial Management (Customer Authorization Notification)
  • Fuel Surcharge Management and Communication
  • EDI Management Support
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Credit Collections
  • Disbursements
  • Agency Reconciliations
  • General Ledger / Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Closing / Quarterly / Yearly Closing
  • Pay-roll Management
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
Other Activites

  • Ebilling and Efund Transfer Management
  • Intranet Support
  • E-commerce Registraion
  • Claims Management
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Hubbing
  • Web Help
  • E-learning Module Content Management