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Logistics Services Outsourcing - Ocean Shipping Industry

The shipping and logistics industry bears the hallmarks of a cyclical industry viz, periodically alternating demand-supply patterns causing severe demand-supply mismatches and the consequent gyrations in the top line and bottom line performance. The deeply fragmented nature of this industry, at a global level, further exacerbates the situation and acts as a natural barrier to calibrate the supply side dynamics to match the existing demand. This situation is now slowly changing, and consolidation is emerging as a survival strategy in the container shipping industry. Companies are now looking at leveraging the benefits of partnering with an outsourcing provider.

The other key challenge for the container shipping industry is its lack of control on a significant portion of its cost of goods sold due to the nature of its constituents viz, bunker, port dues, vessel manning fees, etc. To make matters worse, most companies in this sector have been unable to move up the value chain and display an ability to provide 3PL and 4PL capabilities. This has led to commoditization of services and the consequent loss of supplier pricing power.

The WNS shipping and logistics vertical offers industry focused service offerings and solutions which help companies in this crucial sector of the economy leverage the strategic advantages of outsourcing and become more competitive. The WNS shipping and logistics vertical has domain and outsourcing experts who identify industry pain-points and design appropriate outsourcing services and solutions in a holistic manner.

WNS offers a range of customized outsourcing services for the ocean industry:

Sales Customer Document Operations Finance Other

Sales / Marketing

  • Rate Quotes
  • Service Contract / Rate Agreement Creation and Maintenance
  • Global Tender Management Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Tariff and Contract Filings
  • Freight Bookings
  • Marketing Collateral Design Support
  • SEO Campaign Management Support
Customer Service

  • Customer File and Debtor File Administration
  • Customer Helpdesk E-mail Query Support
  • Booking Desk Phone
  • Booking Desk Email / EDI / Web
  • Booking Confirmation and Equipment Dispatch
Document Processing

  • BL Manifesting,Update and Corrections
  • Advance Mainfest Information Along with other Customs and Port Compliances
  • Freight Audit
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Vessel Closures
  • Import Data Quality Process / Checks
  • Arrival Notifications
  • IGM Filings with Customs
  • Delivery Order Issuance
  • Freight Audit

  • Vessel Schedules-LTS and Coastal
  • Routing Module Maintenance
  • Hazardous Cargo Approvals
  • Vendor Management-vendor File Administration
  • PO Management Support
  • EDI Management Support
  • Ship Husbanding
  • Stowage Planning
  • Bayplan Submission and Distribution
  • Inbound and Outbound Trans-shipment
  • Empty Advices-repos
  • Loading Forcasts
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Global Stock Reconciliation
  • Container Leasing Validation
  • Vessel Performance Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Chart Corrections Management
  • Safety and Environmental KPI Monitoring Onshore
Finance and HR

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivables
  • General Ledger / Bank Reconciliation
  • Vendor Helpdesk
  • Credit and Collections
  • Agency Reconciliations
  • Detention and Demurrage Reporting
  • Cost Reporting and Audit
  • Management Reporting
  • Monthly Closing / Quarterly / Yearly Closing
  • Treasury Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Pay-roll Management
  • Agency Audits
  • T&E
  • Disbursement Accounting
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
Other Activites

  • Intranet Support
  • E-commerce Registration
  • Web Help
  • Claims Management
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Hubbing
  • E-learning Module Content Management
  • E-learning Module Content Creation