Freight Carriers
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WNS Solutions for Freight Carriers

Economic volatility, rising fuel costs and fluctuating industry cycles are impacting the growth and profitability of shipping and logistics companies. As a result, leading players are increasingly turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a strategy to improve the efficiency of business processes, while significantly reducing the cost of operations.

WNS is a preferred solutions provider for BPO and consulting services to companies across Ocean Shipping, Air (Express), Road (Trucking), Rail and Contract Logistics. Its extensive experience of delivering outsourcing solutions to industry leaders, deep domain expertise and operational excellence enable companies in this sector to focus on their core business, while WNS takes care of their business processes. WNS's methodology is driven by ‘Four Quadrants of Service Excellence‘, which enables it to create sustainable value for clients.

WNS's service offerings are customized for companies in the following sectors:

WNS provides business process outsourcing services across the transportation life-cycle to carriers, contract logistics operators, ship management companies and other intermediaries - from booking to delivery at destination

Air Express
WNS has established strong credentials in business process outsourcing services for the air express industry. This has been possible due to WNS's strategic partnership with one of the world's most respected companies in this space.

Road (Trucking)
WNS is widely recognized for its deep understanding of the road (trucking) sector. WNS provides business process outsourcing services that support the operations of leading North American trucking companies, making WNS solutions critical components of their business cycle.

WNS is one of the few business process outsourcing companies that not only possesses deep domain knowledge of the rail sector, but also has the capability of delivering end-to-end service coverage that ensures sustainable competitive advantage to freight railroad companies.