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WNS Solutions for Shipping and Logistics Industry

The shipping and logistics industry has experienced the advantages of adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a strategy to improve efficiencies and reduce the cost of operations. Shipping and logistics companies are characterized by heavy capital expenditure and high recurring costs such as rising fuel bills. With an uncertain economic environment and high costs, companies in this sector are looking to gain operational efficiency through customized solutions for sales, customer services and operations in order to optimize revenues and input costs, through outsourcing.
  • Outcome-based healthcare solutions from WNS
  • Outcome-based healthcare solutions from WNS

WNS's clients benefit from its wide range of outsourcing services across rule-based and knowledge-based processes. WNS's growing clientele is a strong testimony of its proven competency to handle client requirements spanning mid- to large-sized shipping and logistics companies. WNS integrates people, technologies and tools to deliver operational excellence, customized solutions, and actionable insights at a reduced cost.

The WNS shipping and logistics vertical is managed and supported by highly qualified industry professionals with deep domain knowledge. Its service offerings are well-defined to include a wide range of BPO solutions for the shipping and logistics industry that can be further customized to suit the specific needs of clients. The WNS Shipping & Logistics vertical leadership team has more than 100 years of cumulative experience across areas of global shared service centers, liner shipping, ship management and allied competencies. This is further complemented by horizontal competencies in finance and accounting, research and analytics, and global contact centers.

WNS's domain-specific solutions are as follows:

Freight Carriers:

The main focus here is on the core activity of transportation across land, air, sea and rail modes. Further sub-segments are shipping lines, air express companies, road operators, rail operators, ship owners.
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Logistics Service Providers:

These complement and integrate the Freight Carriers with end-to-end client solutions. A sub-segment here is the logistics and supply chain solution companies.

Supply Chain Enablers:

The players in this market segment support the Freight Carrier segment and Logistic solution providers. The sub-segments here are container-leasing companies, IT-enabled support organizations, crewing companies, shipbuilders, bunkering companies, stevedores and husbanding agents, tank container operators, terminal operators, barge operators, cargo ferry organizations, inland container operators, etc.
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Shipping and Logistics Case Studies

Logistics: Airway bill manifesting Finance and accounting - Billing, Invoice adjustment, Cash application, Accounts payable End-to-end consolidation of the order-to-cash cycle for a global air delivery and freight services provider

Shipping and Logistics Resources

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