WNS Smart Strategy Solutions
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WNS Smart Strategy Solutions

With market saturation and brand proliferation, there is growth stagnation in mature and established markets. Retail and CPG companies are increasingly looking towards partnering with outsourcing providers to foray into new and high potential markets to ensure continued business growth. Steep raw material cost, changing market dynamics, increased competition, changing consumer preferences and increased consumer demand are the new defining trends in the market. Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of using innovation and re-engineering strategies to improve the existing business processes to gain operational efficiencies and overcome the new challenges.

WNS’s vertical approach, a large team of domain experts and the award-winning proprietary analytics platform, WNS Analytics Decision EngineSM (WADE)SM are at the core of WNS Smart Strategy Solutions. WNS provides customized, seamless, high-quality and cost-effective solutions that enable clients to formulate and execute smart business growth strategies. The WNS end-to-end suite of technology, analytics and process solutions are tailored to maximize results across the retail and CPG industry value chain.
WNS Smart Solution Strategy Solutions help retail and CPG companies to develop market entry strategies, and provide consumer and market insights, and innovation strategies that enable market spend optimization. Some of the key models that WNS uses in its retail and CPG outsourcing solutions are:
  • Country Clustering to define where to play, when to enter and how to win strategies
  • Market Evolution Models to uncap category growth drivers
  • Global Life Stage Maps for category opportunities
  • Portfolio growth strategies to minimize cannibalization, uncap category potential
  • Mega-branding strategy leveraging equity transferability across categories
Devising and executing growth strategies with a pioneering vertical approach