WNS One Global Back-office Solution
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WNS One Global Back-Office Solution

Within the Retail and CPG industries, overheads on processes like Finance & Accounting (F&A), Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) are high due to the voluminous nature of the business. Companies require smart methodologies to be able to rationalize costs and yet have efficient processes to run the business. Companies in the retail and CPG sector are thus increasingly looking at working with outsourcing companies to keep the cost of operations minimal.

The retail sector has had to contend with a fragile economy, changing consumer trends, the growth of online retail, pricing pressures and increased competition in the recent past. They have had to gain higher efficiencies through outsourcing. Several back-office functions are being outsourced giving companies the advantage of flexible staffing, reduced overheads and decreased investments.

The WNS One Global Back-Office Solution helps you cut costs by:
  • Providing end-to-end low cost shared services for transactional processes and virtual Centers of Excellence (COE) for specialized services (Tax, Internal Audit, IT Architecture, etc.)
  • Enabling simplified, shared global self-service organization model with local business partners for F&A, HR, IT and Indirect Procurement
Enhancing profit margins with process excellence and intelligent platforms