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WNS Solutions for the Retail and CPG Industries

The global landscape of Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has become extremely complex. Companies in this sector are facing intense challenges from factors such as market saturation and increased globalization, consumerization, complex and expensive supply chain operations and intense pressure on margins.

Market saturation and increased globalization with a steady proliferation of brands in established markets are forcing companies to look for new, high potential markets for business growth. Identifying and penetrating these new markets call for smart and intelligent strategies. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can prove to be a sustainable and long-term business strategy for Retail and CPG companies to outperform the competition and market conditions.
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Today's consumerization has taken center stage. Customers with access to multiple channels are increasingly looking for a personalized shopping experience. Retail and CPG companies need to develop better insights about customers and reach out to them with a personalized, unique shopping experience tailored to their needs across multiple channels.

With supply chains going global, there is a need to build collaborative platforms and keep costs low. A top priority for retail and CPG companies is to build agile, collaborative and low-cost supply chains that will enable increased and sustained business growth.

The retail and CPG industries have also had to cope with intense pressure on margins. For a business that is beset by thin margins, there are newer challenges that impact profitability such as increased competition and shifting customer loyalties, the need to create effective marketing communication to ensure customer stickiness and rising overheads on processes like F&A, IT, HR and so on. Companies need smart systems and processes for effective campaign management for improved ROI for marketing dollars spent, faster revenue collection and cost reduction.

WNS has developed an end-to-end suite of agile and intelligent processes and platforms with the help of its strong technology and analytics platforms, business partnerships and domain expertise.

The WNS Retail and CPG Outsourcing solutions suite offers the following:

WNS Smart Strategy Solutions
With market saturation and brand proliferation, there is growth stagnation in mature and established markets. Retail and CPG companies are increasingly looking towards partnering with outsourcing providers to foray into new and high potential markets to ensure continued business growth.


WNS Next Gen Customer Service Solution
Customer demands and expectations are rising with increased market awareness. Added to that is the explosion of opportunities for customer interaction.


WNS Supply Chain Solutions
Building agile, collaborative and low-cost supply chains is a top priority for Retail and CPG companies that are looking at increased and sustained business growth. These companies are increasingly partnering with retail and CPG outsourcing solutions providers to achieve the best results.


WNS Revenue Management Solution
With increased competition and pricing pressures, Retail and CPG companies are increasingly focusing on revenue management in order to cater to their customer's needs and make sure that the right product is available at the right time and at the right price.


WNS One Global Back-office Solution
Within the Retail and CPG industries, overheads on processes like Finance & Accounting (F&A), Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) are high due to the voluminous nature of the business. Companies require smart methodologies to be able to rationalize costs and yet have efficient processes to run the business.


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