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WNS Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Companies in the manufacturing sector have been facing a number of problems such as reduced demand, lower productivity, supply chain inefficiencies, rising cost of raw materials and aggressive competition. Manufacturing companies have been forced to rapidly move towards a globally integrated business model. Managing this complex, globally integrated business model is driving companies to leverage outsourcing as a key strategy plank.

WNS works as an extension of the client's enterprise, and helps manufacturing companies streamline existing processes, improve productivity and optimize the performance of their manufacturing facilities.

WNS's outsourcing solutions for the Manufacturing industry include:
warranty management

New Product Development

 ■  Market Analysis
 ■  Project and Portfolio Management
 ■  Master Data Management
 ■  Supplier Management
      -Supplier Identification
      -Request For Information / Request For Proposal Management
      -Supplier Selection
      -Contract Development
 ■  Idea and Concept Maps
 ■  Engineering Drawings and Designs (Computer Aided Design)
 ■  Bills of Materials (BOM) Generation

Supply Chain Planning and Execution

 ■  Demand and Supply Planning
 ■  Supplier Management
 ■  Logistics Execution
      - Inbound Processing
      - Outbound Processing
 ■  Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
      - Warehouse Management
 ■  Key Performance Indicator Development and Monitoring
 ■  Service Parts Management
      - Demand Forecasting
      - Inventory Management
      - Supply and Distribution Management

Marketing and Order Management

 ■  New Customer Set-up and Credit Analysis
 ■  Product Information
 ■  Order Processing
 ■  Billing and Invoicing
 ■  Collections
 ■  Order Status
 ■  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Processing
 ■  Customer Acquisition
 ■  Customer Profitability Analysis
 ■  Master Data Management
      - Customer
      - Product
      - Pricing


 ■  Fault Management
 ■  Change Management
 ■  Chronic and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Reporting
 ■  Sales Performance Reports
 ■  Store Planning
 ■  Market Intelligence
 ■  E-Marketing

After Sales and Support

 ■  Warranty and Returns Management
      - Product and Warranty Registration
      - Warranty Analysis
      - Warranty Claims Processing
 ■  Product and Warranty Registration
 ■  Warranty Analysis
 ■  Warranty Claims Processing
 ■  Customer and Channel Surveys
 ■  Service Contracts Management
      - Creation and Recording
      - Processing
      - Analysis

Manufacturing Case Studies

Manufacturing: Finance and Accounting WNS Enables a Global Electronics Firm to Transform and Streamline its F&A Processes
Manufacturing: Sourcing & Procurement Enabling better procurements contract & policy compliance and improving spends management for a leading global electronics manufacturer