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Claims Administration

Insurance industry leaders are increasingly turning to claims outsourcing to improve efficiencies of their claims administration processes. Claims processing outsourcing provides several benefits to insurance companies -
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Improved accuracy of claims settlement
  • Delivery of high quality customer service despite fluctuations in business volumes
  • Management of fraudulent claims
With a dedicated team of over 7,500 professionals for the insurance industry, WNS manages over 40 million claims per year helping insurers streamline their claims operations.

WNS is a global business process outsourcing company which delivers insurance claims processing outsourcing services to leading insurers. Our insurance industry experience, strong focus on operational excellence, tools and methodologies enable insurers to realize the value of claims outsourcing namely dramatic improvements in claims processing through improved accuracy of claims settlement and customer satisfaction while reducing claims processing costs.

Case Examples

 ■  For a leading insurer WNS has reduced their claim processing time by 40 percent
     within a year while reducing their costs by 50 percent
 ■  For a multi-line insurer, WNS helped increase customer satisfaction by 80 percent
     while reducing claims processing time by 50 percent and reducing their costs by 40           percent

Our Service offerings include

 ■  Claim setup
 ■  Examination
 ■  Review
 ■  Settlement
 ■  Correspondence
 ■  Tax compliance
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This allows Aviva to continue our working relationship with a provider that truly understands the insurance industry and has a tireless commitment to process excellence and customer care, making WNS our partner of choice
Cathryn Riley,
Chief Operating Officer, Norwich Union Life, and Chairman, Aviva Global Services