Process and Quality Services
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Process and Quality Services

We help clients enable sustainable business outcomes by driving operational excellence by leveraging a variety of process and quality services, as follows:

Process Re-engineering and Transformation
Process Re-engineering and Transformation assists clients in making processes more effective and efficient. This brings to your business WNS’s experience in process improvement across industries coupled with proven quality methodologies.
The various activities involved in Process Re-engineering and Transformation are outlined below:
  • End-to-End Process Diagnostics involves studying the existing process and identifying key performance metrics and control measures, in order to establish the health of the processes and recognize key challenges and roadblocks for process improvement.
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices Implementation helps in comparing the performance of an organization with industry benchmarks, and enables integration of industry-wide best practices to uplift performance to a higher level.
  • Business Process Optimization aims to restructure the business process to enable it to run more efficiently with the given resources and constraints leveraging data analytics, domain knowledge and process expertise.
  • Outsourcing Feasibility Study allows identifying the relevant risks and constraints associated with a process that need to be mitigated in order to outsource a process.
  • Operational Excellence Using the COE Model entails establishing centers of excellence that derive operational excellence from within the organization on a continual basis.
  • Root Cause Analysis for Business Problems identifies the key problems underlying within observed pain areas. The approach here is to treat the problem instead of the symptoms.
  • CSAT Framework Deployment and CSAT Improvement helps in capturing customer expectations and feedback, as well as provides globally recognized measures of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction improvement works as the engine for growth of an organization.

Quality Program Strategy and Establishment
This practice helps businesses in optimizing their processes by leveraging a continuous improvement framework. We have a decade of experience in deploying Lean, Six Sigma and helping transform business processes.
Various activities under the umbrella of this practice are:
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Mentoring and Support
  • Lean Framework Deployment
  • Six Sigma Framework Deployment
  • Lean and Six Sigma Process Certifications
  • Lean and Six Sigma Individual Certifications
  • Trainings on Lean and Six Sigma

Business Problem Solution Support
Business Problem Solution Support practice enables companies to make informed data-backed decisions while addressing their business challenges. It delivers game-changing actionable insights for businesses.
We have assisted organizations in varied application areas such as:
  • Productivity (AHT, TAT)
  • CSAT (end customer satisfaction)
  • Accuracy
  • Resource Utilization (workflow management)
  • Business Analytics (forecasting, price point study)