Travel and Leisure Services
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Travel and Leisure Service Platforms

WNS has been providing revenue accounting services for over 12 years, with 1,600 highly qualified professionals servicing over 20 major airlines across the globe. We have the expertise and distinction of delivering services using eight different platforms provided by our airlines or third-party vendors, for example, SIRAX, JADE, AirVision, RAPID, Impala, RPA, OPAL and PRAS.

Our passenger revenue accounting services and revenue audit services extend beyond transaction processing and allows our customers to leverage our experience in providing extended revenue accounting and financial accounting services.

Our extensive experience in providing these services to some of the largest airlines across the globe has enabled us to create the following platforms that incorporate the best practices for both revenue accounting and revenue audit:

JADE – Sales-based passenger revenue accounting system
JADE is a sales-based accounting system, which allows a user comprehensive control for recovery of revenue. The domain knowledge of our teams along with the best practices built into this platform, can be leveraged by companies to optimize gains by allowing revenue accounting to be managed by WNS experts using up-to-date software technology.

Verifare – Proprietary revenue audit system
VERIFARE®, WNS's industry-recognized proprietary software for revenue auditing, provides a comprehensive audit of your airline's fares, sales and usage data against pre-defined rules and logic using proven auditing methodologies and techniques. For more information on WNS revenue recovery solution, click here.