Healthcare Services
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Healthcare Service Platform

WNS’s Health Care Process and Agent Monitoring System (HCPAMS) is an end-to-end platform that allows processing of healthcare forms. It is primarily designed for high-volume data entry environments.

  • Key from paper or image:Using the flexibility of the modular system, data can be keyed from paper or image, using the same job structure.
  • Import: The system allows import of images through a user-defined directory. It also allows associated control data to be brought in or created, providing a reliable base for operational statistics.
  • Control:In a high-volume data entry environment, it is essential that the operation administrators have the right tools to monitor and control their environment. A full set of administrative facilities allows real-time tracking of individual units of work and provides real-time production and productivity statistics.
  • User-defined enhancements: The system is specifically designed to allow a user the flexibility to quickly set up and run from image or paper without major programming.
  • System generated data and validation: Designed for heavy volume data entry, it has features that allow the system to generate and check data. There is no limit to the number or size of look-up tables and validation routines that can be incorporated.
  • Verification: All the standard manual verification and validation facilities that are typically required are in-built, with the option for the user to activate and adjust to specific situations. This includes reconciliation processes at the document or batch level.
  • OCR recognition:Character and mark recognition engines can be activated to expedite the data capture/entry process.

The HCPAMS platform has the following benefits:
  • Supports HIPAA compliance
  • 30–50 percent decrease in error rate
  • 50–70 percent improved processing time
  • Dramatic increase in follow-up activities at same cost