Finance and Accounting Services
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Finance & Accounting Service Platforms


 WNS Finance and Accounting platforms are finite ERP enhancements, which allow for step-change process improvements to a business - thereby improving ROIs on its existing ERP infrastructure and investments. Significant benefits can be achieved through the use of these products either individually or as part of a program of continuous improvement. WNS offers the BizAps family of Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash solutions, as well as partner solutions from Trintech.

Accounts Payable Automation

The solutions range across:
  • E-Invoicing
    • BizAps Accounts Payable Workbench

      The Accounts Payable (AP) Workbench allows you to manage your electronic invoicing (e-invoice) processes in one central area. All electronic documents, which do not match automatically against the Purchase Order due to price / quantity differences or that need to be coded are blocked, and will be visible within the user-friendly workbench. It shows at a glance the status of the document and what actions have been taken or are required to progress through the posting cycle. The journey of any document sent around the business is fully documented and can be reviewed within the AP Workbench, giving visibility throughout the business for the AP department.

      Download the brochure on BizAps Accounts Payable Workbench.

    • BizAps Vendor Portal

      The Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for your suppliers to log-in and view open orders and queries as well as to submit information to you, such as electronic invoices, delivery notifications, schedules, acknowledgements, and more. These communications are sent directly to and from your ERP system thus allowing rapid interaction between you and your vendors.

      Download the brochure on BizAps SAP Vendor Portal.

    • BizAps Vendor Invoice Entry

      The Vendor Invoice Entry packaged service helps deliver on two objectives:
      • Suppliers can send electronic invoices by either entering an invoice through a secure portal or uploading an invoice file.
      • Suppliers can check the status of the invoices they have submitted online and action any issues without delay.

      Download the brochure on BizAps SAP Vendor Portal.

    • ERP Scanning Solution

      For the invoice volume that you continue to receive on paper, we offer a package to automate the paper and optionally 'read' the data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning.

      The paper invoice is fed into a high capacity scanner, which will quickly scan and interpret the data. Each document is then fed into the ERP system and if the documents meet your matching criteria, they can be validated and will post without any need for manual intervention. This solution utilizes the Accounts Payable Workbench to carry out the line item matching and acts as the control center for any approvals or coding needed to post the invoice.
    • BizAps Invoice Registration and Coding

      This service will enable you to reduce the movement of paper around your business in order to allocate the account and cost centre to a non-PO (Purchase order) invoice. Using this Web-based solution you can distribute the document electronically to your users for coding.
    • BizAps Web Invoice Approval

      The Web Invoice Approval workflow service helps automate the process of Invoice Approval for goods or services that have not been goods receipted – or where the invoice price is at variance with the Purchase Order. For businesses using ERP system and have a large sundries and consumables requirement this solution can be particularly beneficial as goods receipts may not be posted.
    • Vendor Document Management

      Companies face a common problem with the growing burden of receiving, categorizing and filing vendor communications received through eFax, e-mail and paper. Even using the ERP procurement tools to track vendor communications, there are still many communications such as e-mail and fax, which are not integrated to the ERP processes. The WNS Vendor Document Management Solution is designed to ensure that the right people can access the right documents easily and rapidly. This solution allows you to save an image of the document into a document store and let everybody access it, without fear of loss or damage to the document.

  • Procurement
    • Spend Management Reporting

      The Spend Management Reporting solution allows purchasing managers to better control and to optimize their expenditure for key commodities across different systems by leveraging aggregated vendor information to make informed and timely decisions.
    • XML / EDI Purchase Order Processing

      This solution enables you to fully automate the ordering process between you and your suppliers using XML or EDI. It will also allow you to receive order acknowledgements, change orders, shipping notifications and invoices through the same XML or EDI channel.
    • BizAps Procurement Card Solution

      WNS has developed a comprehensive solution to address the issues faced by companies using Procurement Cards (also known as purchasing cards or P-Cards). The system is fully integrated and addresses a range of issues across integration, automatic reconciliation and compliance within the ERP system. The solution can integrate directly to a number of banks or card providers to automate the receiving of statements; and once the integration is in place, the buying organization can receive statements when required. It can also be used with ghost (lodge) cards as a form of payment for your suppliers.

      Download the brochure on BizAps Procurement Card Solutions.

    • SAP SRM – Design and Implementation

      WNS has a close relationship with SAP as a Services Partner and has worked on a number of recent implementations of both release 5 and release 7, as well as advising on and executing upgrades. WNS consultants understand both the process and technical side of SRM, as well as how it fits into the overall P2P strategy while ensuring that process efficiencies in the procurement side do not translate into process inefficiencies in the payables side.

      Download the brochure on BizAps Procurement Card Solutions. 

    • Oracle iProcurement – Design and Implementation

      WNS has an experienced Oracle ERP implementation team that has worked with a number of clients to assist them in the analysis and implementation of Oracle iProcurement. WNS itself is a large user of iProcurement and has a wealth of experience to draw on when advising clients on the design and implementation of Oracle-based solutions.

  • Vendor Communication
    • BizAps Vendor Portal

      The Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for your suppliers to log-in and view open orders and queries as well as to submit information to you such as electronic invoices, delivery notifications, schedules, acknowledgements and more. These communications are sent directly to and from your ERP system thus allowing rapid interaction between you and your vendors.

      Download the brochure on BizAps SAP Vendor Portal.

    • BizAps Dynamic Discount Manager

      Our Dynamic Discount Manager helps you create dynamic offers that allow your vendors to receive early payment at a reduced amount. Once offers are accepted, it will result in an update to payable and resulting payment.

  • Account Receivable
    • Collections Management Workbench

      The WNS Collections Management Workbench delivers a user-friendly tool that enables efficient management of the Financial Supply Chain through efficient collections and dispute management. The Collections Management Workbench is based on best-practice financial supply chain processes with web-based workflow technologies. Data is imported from one or many source systems, to give companies with multiple systems an opportunity to gain a clear view of the company. A background job is scheduled to run on a periodic basis to extract all debtor data from the source system/s, including a master data extraction, an open item extraction and a payments / cleared items extraction.

  • Periodic Activities
    • Operational Account Reconciliation

      Operational Account Reconciliation for key financial processes where high volume and / or complex transaction-based reconciliations are required. Trintech’s ReconNET application automatically matches and loads data from multiple sources using flexible matching rules to deliver extremely high 1st time match rates. The solution has workflow to manage exceptions and is administered by Finance not IT.
    • Balance Sheet (or General Ledger Account) Reconciliation

      Balance Sheet (or General Ledger Account) Reconciliation enables finance teams to increase the level of visibility, control, standardisation and automation of the Balance Sheet Reconciliation. Trintech’s AssureNET application provides dashboard visibility into the status of each rec. Templates ensure accuracy and standardisation within a single repository complete with supporting documentation and full audit capability.
    • Unity Financial Close

      Unity Financial Close automates and controls the entire financial close process. Trintech’s UNITY Close application ensures tasks are completed by the right person, at the right time in the right order. Providing visibility of financial data and controls across multiple companies and multiple close calendars to deliver the financial close faster and reduce risk.