Enabling Platforms
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Enabling Platforms

We have business process management tools that have been deployed at multiple client processes that enable streamlining of the process steps and provide visibility into movement of the work items in its life cycle – enabling appropriate resource utilization, issue resolution and process optimization. These solutions are easy to deploy and integrate and provide an effective resolution for all the workflow management issues related to your processes.

  • Mailroom Management and Scanning
    Outsourcing of business processes starts with digitization of physical documents. WNS offers document and data management services which begin with mail management services, where documents from different sources and locations are funneled at the centralized or distributed scanning location by setting up power mailboxes. The documents are then sorted and scanned with high-quality and high-speed scanners. The digitized documents are then processed using proven methodologies and best-in-class technology platforms.
  • Workflow Solutions
    WNS offers state-of-art technology solutions for imaging, workflow and document management. EDMS and workflow systems are highly customized as per the requirement of the back-office processing environment. Features such as a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) and scalable, flexible, portable architecture, help BPO associates to perform with high efficiency and accuracy. The system has Indexing, Data Entry, Workflow and Exceptions Management as core modules, along with flexible integration capability for in-stream and out-stream work.
  • OCR and ICR
    WNS offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions to automatically extract data from the scanned images to enhance the efficiency of data entry processes. This solution is powered by industry-leading technologies which support OCR/ICR/OMR and barcode reading. The confidence level of OCR engines is very high, and is further supported by our solution to facilitate visual verification and color-coded data entry screen.
  • Case Management Solutions
    WNS’s case management tool has the capability to accept inputs from multiple channels such as Email, Web interface and Phone. This tool can track each transaction through its life-cycle and provide real-time reports. It has a built-in workflow capability and self-managed control panels to administrate the feature according to the dynamic process requirement.
  • Operations and Transitions Portals
    WNS uses the Microsoft SharePoint portal infrastructure to create eRooms to share relevant information in a secure manner during the Transition and Operations phases. These portals provide features such as alerts, access control, version control, and current/historical information. These portals, customized for clients, are not only updated on a periodic basis, but also provide client executives, operations staff, and technology management teams with real-time access to relevant data.