Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Offerings
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Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Offerings

WNS’s platform-based offerings provide quick return on investment to clients, are easy to implement and bring about quantifiable benefits in a very short time-frame.

Enabling Platforms
WNS’s myriad enabling technologies deployed into multiple client processes allow streamlining of process steps and provide visibility into movement of the work items in its lifecycle – enabling appropriate resource utilization, issue resolution and process optimization. These solutions are easy to deploy and integrate, and provide an effective resolution for all the workflow management issues related to the client’s processes.

Industry Platforms
WNS’s industry platforms incorporate the best practices applicable within the industry, and have been developed to specifically address business issues identified within the clients’ processes. These platforms enhance process performance by filling in the gaps in the enterprise applications implemented at client locations and provide for complete automation of the processes.

WNS has been providing revenue accounting services to more than 20 major airlines across the globe for well over a decade. WNS has the expertise and distinction of delivering services using eight different platforms like SIRAX, JADE, AirVision, RAPID, Impala, RPA, OPAL and PRAS.

WNS’s passenger revenue accounting services and revenue audit services extend beyond transaction processing and allow customers to leverage WNS’s experience in providing extended revenue accounting and financial accounting services.

WNS’s extensive experience in providing these services to some of the largest airlines across the globe has enabled it to create several platforms that incorporate the best practices for both revenue accounting and revenue audit.