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Research and Analytics Outsourcing

WNS analytics solution framework Companies today are struggling to discern the needs of the customer in the face of diminishing brand loyalty and rising competition in an increasingly global marketplace. Businesses are focused on making calculated business decisions, based on strong customer insights. Companies realize the importance of research and analytics solutions to help them with advanced information search and data analytics. Given that business analytics is a highly specialized function, companies are partnering with research and analytics outsourcing providers to build successful strategies and solutions.

WNS's research and analytics outsourcing services help companies develop better understanding of their customers and provide insight-based business decision support. WNS’s most important offerings in the research and analytics domain is the WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM, an award-winning solution that helps senior leadership in organizations drive strategic insight into business decision-making.

Leveraging deep research and analytics expertise, industry intimacy, focus on operational excellence and a robust global delivery model, WNS helps leading companies make insight-based business decisions.

WNS's comprehensive services, which include analytics, market research, and business and financial research, provide actionable insights to companies across a range of industries such as banking and financial services, consumer packaged goods, insurance, manufacturing and retail.

WNS's Research and Analytics outsourcing service offerings include

Business and Financial Research

Experts in information research and analysis supporting strategic decision-making as well as day-to-day research support for a global clientele

  • Company and Industry Research

    • Detailed Company Profiles and Analysis, Tear Sheets
    • SWOT, Value Chain Analysis, Stock and Shareholding Analysis
    • Industry Benchmarking, Industries / Sector Reports
  • Business Intelligence

    • Market Entry Strategy, Product Launches, Country Reports
    • Trend Analysis, Competitive Landscaping
    • Economy Studies and Demographic Profiling
  • Corporate Finance and M&A Support

    • Pitch Book Support
    • Comparables, Precedent Transactions, Benchmarking, LBO models
    • Financial Analysis and Valuations
  • Equity and Fixed Income Research

    • Financial Models and Forecasting
    • Research Report Support
    • Valuation Models
    • Investment Memos and Earnings’ Summary
  • Library (Business Information) and Documentation Services

    • Annual Reports, SEC Filings, Research Reports, News, etc
    • Content Development for Databases and Newsletters
    • Compilation and Presentation of Pitch Books, Prospectus, etc
    • Ad hoc Research Query Support

Market Research

Amongst the top three offshore Market Research Support service providers with vast experience and exposure to industry-recognized tools for efficient delivery across industry segments. WNS provides end-to-end market research support services

  • Research Design Support

    • Proposal Research
    • Study Design
    • Proposal Compilation
    • Questionnaire Design Support
  • Survey Management

    • Survey Programming (CATI / CAPI / Web)
    • Script Checking
    • Telephone (CATI) and Web Surveys
    • Hosting: Invitations and Data Collection
    • Survey Environment Management and Support
    • Field Work Management
  • Data Management / Processing

    • Data Entry (Paper / Scanned Questionnaires)
    • Data Capture / Digitization
    • Open End Coding
    • Data Transcription (for Qualitative DIs and GDs)
    • Data Validation and Cleaning
    • Tab Plan / Weighting Plan
    • Data Processing
    • Content Analysis (for Qualitative DIs and GDs)
    • Database Management
  • Reporting / Data Visualization

    • Storyboard Creation
    • Creation of New Templates / Graphs
    • Posting and Charting of Tabulated Market Research Data
    • Modification of Existing Data / Graphs
    • Presentation and Reports in PowerPoint / Word / PDF
    • Automated / Macro-driven Charting / Reporting
    • Creation of Charts / Reports from Hand-drawn Fax
  • Market Research Analytics

    • Brand and Consumer Modeling
    • Segmentation and Profiling
    • Market Mix Modeling
    • Volume Forecasting
    • Trend Analysis
    • Price Modeling [Choice, Brand Price Trade Off (BPTO)]
    • RoI Optimization and Simulators
    • Benchmarking
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Social Media Analytics
  • Project Management

    • End-to-end MR Project Management
    • Workflow Process Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Estimation
    • Research Co-ordination
  • Advisory

    • Market Research Process Re-engineering
    • Efficiency Improvement
    • Building Smart Operating Procedures
    • Project Management Guidance and Best Practices
    • Resource Optimization

Domain Based Analytics

Delivering business impact by providing actionable analytics solutions which leverage domain expertise in multiple verticals

  • Brand and Consumer Analytics

    • Category and Market Evolution
    • Customer Response Modeling
    • Actionable Segmentation, Targeting and Profiling
    • Portfolio Mapping and Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management Analytics

    • Campaign Management: Design, Execution, Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
    • Response Modeling: Acquisition, Cross-sell / Up-sell Analytics
    • Loyalty Management and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Analysis
    • Retention Modeling
  • Modeling and Calibration

    • Market Mix Modeling
    • Collections Analytics and Delinquency modeling
    • Fraud Analytics
    • Value@Risk Modeling
    • Risk Based Pricing
    • Marketing ROI Optimization
    • Volume Forecasting
  • Web Analytics

    • Online Traffic Analysis
    • Path and Conversion Analysis
    • Text Mining and Buzz Analytics
  • Tools and Simulators

Data Services: Business Intelligence and Reporting

Enabling faster decision-making by providing effective reporting solutions

  • Data Acquisition and Aggregation

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Analysis

  • Report Design and Generation

  • Executive Reports and Dashboards

  • Insights Generation

    • Benchmarking Studies Based on Regular Reports
    • Forecasting from Trends of Periodical Reports
    • Ad Hoc Analysis to Form Hypothesis and Conduct Statistical Analytics to Validate these Hypotheses

Business Services

Providing high impact presentation support and other allied services

  • Visual Aids/Graphics Support

    • Creating New and Modifying Existing Templates / Graphs
    • Creation of PowerPoint Decks
    • Charting of Tabulated Market Research Data
    • Other Graphic Support Services
  • Virtual Administrative Assistance

    • Secretarial Services (Expense, Timesheet and Invoicing)
    • Meeting Administration
    • Travel Administration

Research and Analytics Case Studies

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