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Procurement Outsourcing

Tough economic conditions are driving companies to look for more options to increase their profits. Procurement functions, today, play an increasingly important role in improving business performance and productivity. To enhance business performance, organizations are exploring new procurement models, which include widening the supplier base, making it more responsive and more flexible. Companies are partnering with procurement outsourcing providers in areas such as procurement analytics and procure-to-pay cycles.

By partnering with WNS, clients are able to achieve rapid, sustainable improvement in their procurement performance, drive innovation, alleviate risks with regard to supply and steer growth. WNS's procurement BPO (business process outsourcing) services deliver several benefits including sustainable long-term savings in procurement that directly impact the bottom line. WNS focuses on managing the clients' indirect and non-strategic spends by delivering process efficiencies through organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and creating measurable savings quickly. The WNS procurement outsourcing solution helps clients restructure and revitalize their procurement function

WNS’s Procurement Outsourcing solutions include:

Supplier Research and Analysis

 ■  New Supplier Identification and Capability Profiling
 ■  Supplier Risk and Financial Analysis
 ■  Supplier Scorecard Compilation
 ■  Supplier Normalization and Negotiation Strategies

Sourcing Support and Administration

 ■  RFI, RFQ, RFP Design and Development Support
 ■  RFI and RFQ Administration

Contract Management

 ■  Contract Database Management

Market Intelligence

 ■  Industrial Reports and Updates
 ■  Commodity Market Intelligence
 ■  Index Pricing
 ■  Projections and Forecasts

Competitive Intelligence

 ■  Industry-specific Newsletters
 ■  Market Trends Update

Procurement Analytics

 ■  Spend Data Analysis and Management, Cleansing, Maintaining and Format Conversion
 ■  Statistical Analysis and Report Generation

Performance Reporting

 ■  Procurement Group MIS Reporting
 ■  Material Scorecard Compilation
 ■  Savings Reports

Procurement Case Studies

Manufacturing: Sourcing & Procurement Enabling better procurements contract & policy compliance and improving spends management for a leading global electronics manufacturer

Procurement Resources

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