WNS - Outsourcing Guide - Tenets of Outsourcing by WNS
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Tenets Of Outsourcing

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  • Section I:

    Going over the basics

    • What is outsourcing?
    • The evolution of outsourcing
    • What is Business Process Outsourcing?
    • The industries that outsource
    • The services that you can outsource
    • Top outsourcing destinations in the world
    • The factors that drive outsourcing
    • The top eight outsourcing advantages 

  • Section II:

    What you should do before you sign an outsourcing agreement?

    • Make outsourcing ‘work’ for you
    • The various outsourcing models
    • Basics of an effective SLA
    • What processes do I outsource?
    • The right BPO service provider – how to choose
    • Making outsourcing the CEO imperative
    • What certifications should the offshore service provider possess?
    • Managing risk with your outsourcer

    Section III:

    How do you keep the relationship going and growing?

    • Build a great partnership with your BPO service provider: the dos and don’ts
    • Can your BPO partner scale up when you need it most?
    • Growing the engagement with your BPO service provider
    • Building the foundation for transformation
    • Outsourcing - Essential FAQs