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Tenets Of Outsourcing

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Outsourcing a function is a strategic decision that business leaders take, most often, in an effort towards increasing their cost and process efficiencies. Making it work and lead to better business outcomes requires clockwork precision from the buyer and provider in terms of expectations and service delivery.

The ‘Tenets of Outsourcing’ guide tries to address the nuances around a buyer-provider relationship, in three sections displayed above. It highlights key aspects that an organization must bear in mind – such as guidelines for provider selection, frameworks for win-win outsourcing agreements, and best practices for nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with your BPO provider.

  • Click on the ‘Guide’ tab for the basics of outsourcing.
  • Click on the ‘Dictionary’ tab for terms commonly used in the outsourcing arena.
  • Click on the ' FAQ'  tab for some of the questions you might have as a mature outsourcer or as a newbie.