CISO Power List 2012
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WNS in the CISO Power List 2012

WNS in CISO Power List 2012

WNS is among the top fifteen companies in the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Power List for 2012. This recognition comes to WNS for demonstrating outstanding performance in its information security and technology practices and implementing the best-in-class information security practices within the organization.

WNS has made heavy investments and efforts in ensuring that the CISO at WNS plays a mission-critical role in ensuring the security of the organizational information with the right measures, be it planning or implementation of the required safeguards.

This prestigious award acknowledges WNS’s efforts in creating a robust security structure to protect the critical assets, business- and mission-critical information of its clients, in the most effective manner through tactical, strategic and futuristic planning.

 About the CISO Power List:

The CISO Power List, 2012 released by SearchSecurity.IN, a part of the TechTarget India Network, recognizes companies for demonstrating outstanding performance in their information security and technology practices. The CISO Power List recognizes the criticality of the function, played by information security in today’s enterprises. The key parameters based on which the leading CISOs were selected for the Top 15 position includes, organizational security posture's maturity, usage of a documented information security policy, enforcement, reporting structure, compliance, certifications management, technical controls and innovation. The CISO Power List has been constructed on the basis of a common assessment framework used while conducting interviews across key industry sectors in India.